Some updates and The intelligent Investor

Updates on the simple investor:

Ever since our last scheduled post was published earlier this month, we haven’t been slacking around. In fact, we have been really busy with simple investor for the past few months in the background. Here’s a sneak preview:

CFA - Teaser
700+ stocks, lots and lots of data.

For now, we will be concentrating on our newest full analysis format and system, and brainstorming on various ways for our site to be even more useful for readers.

That’s all from us, now on to more exciting news for our readers:

The intelligent investor is a book by the forefather of value investing, Benjamin Graham, and a must read for all investors.

In line with our motto of increasing financial literacy, as well as to give back to our readers, we are giving away a brand new copy (worth $35 in major bookstores) of the book for free! (Postage included)


Here’s how to stand a chance to win this book :

  1. Like our Facebook page
  2. Like and share our giveaway post on Facebook
  3. Contact us after contest ends on 25th March 2017 on FB message or email us your address to claim your prize

We will be announcing the winner on Facebook on 26th March, so stay till!

The winner has to contact us, through Facebook message or email us at in order for us to process your claims. This is because Facebook doesn’t allow a page to initiate a message to our readers. All unclaimed prize by 14 days will be scheduled to be re-released together in our next give-back contest.

List of topics in the book:

  1. Investment vs Speculation
  2. Investor and Inflation
  3. A century of stock-market history
  4. General portfolio policy – The defensive investor
  5. Defensive investor and common stocks
  6. Portfolio policy for enterprising investor – Negative approach
  7. Portfolio policy for Enterprising investor – Positive side
  8. The investor and market fluctuations
  9. Investing in investment funds
  10. Investor and his advisers
  11. Security analysis for the lay investor
  12. Things to consider about per-share earnings
  13. Comparison of 4 listed companies
  14. Stock Selection for defensive investor
  15. Stock selection for the enterprising investor
  16. Convertible issues and warrants
  17. 4 extremely instructive case histories
  18. Comaprison of 8 pairs of companies
  19. Shareholders and managements: Dividend policy
  20. “Margin of safety” as the central concept


You can visit this page for a summary of the book.


Our give-back history

  • Feb’17 – Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Mar’17 – The intelligent investor

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